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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Anon

Re: Make it easier to get!!!

Man I know how you feel. If I lived in in an apartment when I was going through the same thing, I would have packed up and moved to where there was broadband. But, I bought a house, which makes moving for net access exponentially more difficult and harder to justify. I seriously considered it, even though I had promises from both the cable co and the phone company that something would eventually be done for me.

If the amount of pain and frustration I went through is any indication, to preserve your sanity I would recommend planning a move. I did the ISDN thing and oh boy was that an experience I don't ever want to repeat. EXPENSIVE per-minute charges. Leaving your house becomes stressful because you wonder if you left it on accidentally. Or the worst.. waking up to see a connection that's been left on for 10 hours.

Cablemodem's finally here, and life is good. I hope you eventually get your problems resolved one way or another as well.