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Philadelphia, PA

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Man, more fishy stuff going on with Comcast and bittorent?

I didn't see this in the huge Sandvine thread, but it seems like (at least here) Comcast is implementing some daily cap on how much you download through said app. Or they're killing my connections for some reason.

Here's what happens: when I do use it, usually they are smaller files that finish quick. I have noticed a few times now say I have some running during the day then que a few during the night, my client will struggle connecting to peers w/ the new torrents until 12:00am. Seriously, the past month one night I was wondering why I was having trouble connecting to peers on three different trackers. I saw there were plenty peers on each, and just like the upload I would connect then get disconnected. Right around when it hit 12 I noticed my connections start rolling in and though what a coincidence.

That is until another night about a week later I couldn't connect starting around 9pm (and like before I had a few from earlier that were completed). I came back a couple of hours later, same thing, and waited till 12. Again, magically everything opened up seconds after the clock change. It happened again after that and again last night. I have seen my connections drop mid way through too--everything was fine and then just bam, connections lost. Not exactly stopped to a halt but averaging like 50kb/sec w/ a couple peers. That and the new torrents I qued up afterwards started rolling again at midnight.

Like I said, I usually get smaller files and if I am getting capped we're talking from less than one to two gigs max. And on these days they were for the most part hit and runs because I also use a seedbox. So it's also not like I'm seeding huge amounts from this home account.

Interesting to say the least. Anybody else experience their download connections being killed?


Citrus Heights, CA
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