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Brockville, ON
reply to m021478

Re: [Vista] Vista crashing regularly - Can't figure out why??

IMO the problem is with the Maxtor software as the mxopswd.sys was identified as the corrupting the pool in the minidump file posted by SethSpearman.

I downloaded and unzipped the OneTouch III MaxBackup Vista Software and the OneTouch III Mini Vista Software from the following link:


The mxopswd.sys is dated 2005.

From evidence presented in this thread the Maxtor software appears to not be fully compatible with Vista on some systems.


united state
Does anyone know if this drive can be used without the Maxtor software installed? I am under the impression that Vista will still see and be able to use the drive, but not having the software installed simply means that the button on the front panel of the hard drive will not function at all...

I am not certain about this though, and wanted to check to see if anyone knew if this was the case or not prior to uninstalling the Maxtor software from my machine...

Any thoughts?


reply to m021478
Are you still using Vista?
yes still using vista

Are still using your Maxtor?
haven't taken it back to the store yet.

Did you manage to get your drive working with Vista or not?
I downloaded the latest update available on the microsoft webiste. they are suppose to enhance the compatibility with a lot of hardware and software. the result is that it seems that I do not have blue screens as much but it still happen.

Do you think it was an issue with the driver, or with the Maxtor OneTouch software (and/or Retrospect Express HD 2.0)?

see that is when it become sinteresting, when the maxtor is not plugged in one of my usb port, it seems that I can work without having blue screens. When I plug it.... there they are....

Do you think it was an issue with the driver, or with the Maxtor OneTouch software (and/or Retrospect Express HD 2.0)?

no idea... i am reaching my limits here.
looked at other discussion forums, none of them bring a definite answer. and from what I read, maxtor phone support is worthless.

Any other progress made you'd be willing to share?
that's where I am at. I would like to solve that problem without having to bring it back to the store quite frankly....


reply to m021478
I'm also having the same problem. I'm running an HP m8120n and added a Maxtor Onetouch 1GB external hard drive. Ever since then, I was getting blue screens. I also tried updating the driver going to Maxtor's/Seagate's website and was still having the same problem. I've turned off the Maxtor and haven't seen a blue screen since. This is quite annoying as I was planning on using the Maxtor to backup my computer at 3am in the morning.... Now I can't use it unattended unless I don't mind my system being very unstable...


united state
you could always sell the maxtor and then use any of the dozens of available software backup utilities (free, and commercial) to backup on a schedule...

Kert Rats

reply to m021478
Hello all, I was just running a search for information about problems with Maxtor One Touch USB 2.0 External Drives because I am suddenly experiencing BSOD but only since I have connected the new Maxtor drive. This also annoys me because I wanted to back up my computer in early AM of the day but now the Maxtor drive just sits there all useless like. Surely someone can get an updated mxopswd.sys file as it looks like that may be the whole problem.
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