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reply to alice mackey

Re: way to go comast!

said by alice mackey :

im glad comcast is filtering out all this p2p crap. all you people complaining should let comcast know by canceling your service with them. i doubt you would though since the majority of you whiners are children using your parents comcast account. bye bye bittorrent.
I don't know where you live, but where I live (and pretty much the whole US), cable internet companies have a *monopoly* in whatever area they serve. That means, unless I want a crappy 300k DSL connection, I have no choice *by law* (I still don't understand why this is so in this country, where monopolies are normally not allowed).
Believe me, when I learned Comcast was limiting my internet usage, I said 'I'm switching right now!'... after an hour or so of checking my alternatives (or lack of them), I quit in frustration. If I could switch to a similar alternative... I would!
And to those saying that 300GB/month is too much, or 100GB/month is too much, and it only affects torrent 'pirates'... please, try and think forward just for once? We're not in the AOL dialup world of 1999 any more. Right now I use Internet phone (Vonage), not sure how much it uses for upload/download. I also like watching youtube videos. Also use Skype with my friends and family including video. I also play online games. I may want to check my kids' rooms cameras when I'm outside. I also am a Netflix customer, and they allow me to watch movies *legally*. And let's not even talk about high definition movies like Bluray and HD-DVD!
The fact is, a few years ago a cap of 100GB or 300GB may have seemed more than enough, but in this day and age, it's becoming nothing.