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Pensacola, FL
reply to FFH5

Re: Net Neutrality is NOT about being protocol neutral

said by FFH5:

Net neutrality was about being content provider neutral. It had nothing to do with being protocol neutral. Trying to tie protocol neutrality in to Net neutrality is just an attempt by the music and video thieves to protect the mechanisms of theft(that is their P2P systems).

Comcast is merely protecting their network from a peer to peer protocol that is extremely network management unfriendly.
Well said. Cox dumps Bittorent freaks too called "powerusers" from my understanding. And, I hope they do, sick of powerusers running 24/7 downloading and providing since it affects other users experience. When @Home was around on Comcast, they had to throttle upload for everyone because idiots were running servers.

I don't think the TOS of any ISP allows illegal downloading. Now, if they were blocking Vonage, Comcast would be wrong. Bittorent, 99% illegal, good riddance!

Business class is what they should be offered.
Saving the world keeps me busy. However, I find Earth very primitive from my home planet of Krypton.


What?! I'm paying $60/mo for service*--both upstream and downstream, and I actually want to use it?! Shame on me. (*but I'll be dropping Comcast presently)

"99% illegal"... you so funny. Make up some more statistics, why don'tcha. You clearly don't use Linux. (Actually, the courts have been striking down TOS clauses as illegal over the past year or so. You can expect to see more of this.)