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Newport News, VA
reply to rec9140

Re: 20/20? Nah.

said by rec9140:

Unfortunately, VZ needs to scrap the video crap, and


I've got my video service, Dish, Fios nor crapble nor dircrap can offer what I want, and thats NOT HD! I could care less about HD.


First, why would they scrap their TV service. It's had great reviews and probably the best DVR to DVR capabilities amongst most if not all providers for TV service. If you have Dish and like it, great. Their TV service won't hinder getting the Internet stuff moving and it's also helping fund and justify everything to investors. To put it simply: If they "scrap" tv service, expect slower deployment.

Your HD comments are silly. HD is where it's going, it's getting too cheap to not go HD. I'd expect within five years everybody is producing HD content and all transmission in HD where people with older sets just handle down-converting it. One method is better than several, and it might as well be HD.