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Germantown, TN

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FAQ feedback

Any feedback to the FAQ appears to be sent by "system". This information is helpful in adjusting the FAQ to cover appropriate questions which may also be asked by others. It would be very nice to find out which user sent the question so they can be notified of either an answer, or an updated FAQ reflecting their question. Possibly an area in the feedback form to sign user name as an option if they wish? Or simply adding to the feedback form that their suggestion will be anonymous unless their user name is added. If there is an automatic notification of an updated FAQ to someone that suggests feedback, that would cover the issue also.

(thanks FB, found out these are from anon users which must be the only ones that make suggestions to the FAQ? Anyway, state See Profile you may delete this if you wish, thanks!)

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Premium,Ex-Mod 02-13
Carson City, NV

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This change has been requested earlier, to make it possible to respond directly to users where appropriate. Stand by ....

Edit: In fact, that feature is now in place. When a registered member leaves feedback, his/her user name will now appear at the top of the feedback, enabling a response when needed.
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Kingwood, TX

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Re: then why not also

Thank you all for your behind the scenes work.
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