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They're Blocking E-Mails

ProLog (Pen Tele Data, PenTeleData, or PTD), which I get through Blue Ridge Cable, started blocking e-mails from Yahoo! on my wife's account, though not on mine. When I complained, they said basically too bad, but that Yahoo! knew what it had to do "to get off of the list."

Plus, they are having more frequent glitches. E-mails to me appear in quadruplicate. There are many momentary outages, so that I have to reconnect to work in the middle of a report.

I've started using my cell phone's Internet connection (AT&T). It's slower, but seems to be more reliable.


I gave up on their email a couple years ago when they implemented that "new and improved" relay server that won't relay non-Prolog domains and went to mail on a virtual server and recently Gmail and have been very happy. Plus I don't have to tell the world I use Prolog.

It sounds like one of Yahoo's mail servers got listed on an RBL. It's likely an email to your wife came through a particular Yahoo server that was RBLed and you got an email through one that wasn't. I'm sure Prolog could whitelist the server in question....if they wanted to.



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Looks like Prolog is blocking a Google Gmail server today:

"Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 12): 553 sorry, your mailserver [] is rejected by See »"

Too bad I'm not the "responsible person" of the server in question as their web page states, so I can't report it to Prolog and help them out I'm not wasting my time complaining to Google as any email server from should be a no-brainer white listing in Prolog's private RBL.


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FYI. Prolog is also having an issue with a good portion of their IP's being on the rbl list. Check yours out with mxtoolbox.