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SMC2804WBR disconnects itself frequently!

i started using my router recently, about a month and half ago. In the beginning, it would disconnect itself once a week, then i'd have to reset, then it reconnects and works fine.

But recently, like these 2 weeks, it's been crazy. It sometimes disconnects then reconnects by itself for a few times. That's all fine. But then, it gets to a point when it's connected, but the receiving is way less than the sending, so basically, no internet connection. Then i'd have to reset, and re-install the setup wizard. And i do this practically everyday now!! It's starting to get on my nerves!! Seriously, is there anything that i can do to fix this problem?

And because i live in a rented house, the modem and the router are all upstairs in another tenant's room. I basically have to wait till she gets home and then do the resetting and re-installing. So sometimes, i'd be internetless for like 10 hours or more!!

Also, i realized that if the modem is connected directly to the computer, it won't have this problem. So it's the router!! But i've used this router before, and it wasn't like this!!

Right now, the modem is connected to the router, which has 1 port connected directly to the computer, and 3 wireless. And if it disconnects itself, it affects both lan and wireless.

Ps. i don't have a password set up for the wireless, would it help in this case?? but the thing is, i didn't have a password before, and it worked fine (a yr ago)


Idiot In The East
Raleigh, NC
Perhaps the owner of the Router can call the SMC Techsupport and get a permanent solution.

For you, you can check with the owner if they can offer the username and password. If you have then, every time you are internetless, then you can logon to the Router, and do a soft reset using the Router's manager console.

Hope this helps.