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My Experience With the Previous Free Trial With Acanac

Hi, just thought I'd give a mini-review on the last time I was with them for those of you who are thinking of joining the free 12-month trial.

The answer is YES, this deal is legit! I did their 3-month trial and I never paid a penny. I even used their e-mail customer support.

I didn't use it that much, only as a backup for when someone else was on my bell landline. Sound quality was fine. However, I could only get service 90-95% of the time. So I was apprehensive about removing my bell line for this in case I needed to call 911 or something. I would guess you got low priority if you were on the free trial. The paid/business accounts would probably have continuous service.

All in all, they provided good service. Setting up my Linksys PAP2 was a bit of a hassle until I found the link for the settings, which I can't seem to find in a search on this site anymore. does anyone else have it?