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My views are my own.
reply to dogo88

Re: Seriously?

said by dogo88:

... that when given a chance, stick it to them hard.
So tell me if this is what you're saying.. it's ok to be in government to take out personal issues of your own and not take the job to do the business of the people, right?

Right or wrong in his outcome, it's the mentality behind the reasons that bothers me.

There's something that you and everyone else here has to remember - be it cable, phone, cellular, ISP, what have you, congress can't regulate "arrogant and stupid CSRs" or the likes. It's not government's job to legislate morality. On the flip side, it can be said that there are plenty consumers out there with piss poor attitudes, and who also are arrogant and stupid.

The scope in which government needs to be involved in the workings of any part of society needs to be limited. You can't make people love anything and you can't force anyone to smile at you over the phone.

Before you go on to the surface of my post, read into it to see what I'm saying... IOW, remove your emotion from this post.. just as I'm saying you have to do when you look at society as a whole.

There are just certain things that only government is big enough to do, and then there are things that society will take care on it's own. (ie: Gov can't always force non-arrogance with in a company, but they CAN allow and make it easier for someone else to come in and compete with the, and that doesn't always mean to put chains on the one guy putting them at a disadvantage to favor someone else)
"Complaining is the least path of resistance for the self-serving, the lazy, and I’m told it’s a woman’s prerogative..."