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Why Does Cable or Verizon/AT&T Deserve Anything?

Cable is still a monopoly in the communities served. Like any utility (gas, electric, trash) there's no feasible model for competition. Look at the California electricity de-reg of the '90s for a disaster.

Telco dialtone as a franchise is unwinding faster than a cheap clock. Raise you hands if you give your home number rather than your cell as a best choice to friends. I thought so, not many. And even that dialtone can come from DSL/VOIP, cable, cable/VOIP. Their franchise has to rethink it's business and come up with new uses for all the embedded infrastructure or go out of business. They are a natural for a level playing field with cable.

Cable has done nothing with the franchise except abuse customers, misspend money (think Adelphia)and provide really crappy service. They NEED serious competition. If Verizon and AT&T can do it, great. This will moves us towards HD over DSL -- the model is all there.

I can't understand the bundling of services except as a way to subsidize sports. The sports channels are obscenely expensive, but cable is forced to buy a whole package with this stuff buried with everything else. If one good thing ever happens the providers and the cable companies will be the forced unbundling of services. I'm not forced to buy cabbage because I need a quart of milk. This is complete insanity and the best argument against pure capitalism. It led to a gentleman's agreement to screw the consumer -- and the consumer has exactly zero leverage.

Ken Martin getting ready to leave office to a feathered nest in business? Of course! Until we somehow (somehow) get the laws changed so that those leaving Washington cannot work in the industries they controlled, or a 3 year waiting period is mandated, only everyone will do this. There are very few ex-members of Congress that don't work for lobbyists

We need to think of meaningful solutions, though, not merely vent and spew our sarcasm and anger......

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said by fensterlips :

We need to think of meaningful solutions, though, not merely vent and spew our sarcasm and anger......
split the service along infrastructure/content lines. leave all last mile lines as regulated (natural) monopoly, let companies compete on providing content to end users. the same split could be applied to cell companies. split on cell towers/dialtone.