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Jersey City, NJ

Dumped Comcrap Yesterday!

In the past month or so FIOS became available in my area, what's interesting is that I dumped the cable tv service from comcast 3 weeks ago, and then yesterday I had FIOS installed in my house, comcrap wasn't very happy, they were saying well we could give you a discount but you have to be back on the TV service again... I told the rep why would I want to go back to 14 HD Channels, when I now have 72? Does that add up.

Is your fiber grounded?

Arnold, MD
I assume you have satellite with that many HDs? FIOS is currently trailing the pack in HD offerings.


Jersey City, NJ

Waterbury, CT
reply to flyingjoey
And, I assume that in making the switch..you now have no On Demand type programming at all and no HD associated with that either?

Not to put down the satellite co's..but for everything they might have today..there's also something they don't have that comcast does.

I also doubt that Comcast will be behind the curve on hd programming for long and they're rolling them out all the time now.

In addition, now apparently you get to pay more for your HSI as well.

Honestly, I just don't see the benefits here really to you but..to each their own. And, it's nice that a choice existed for you.

The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!


Jersey City, NJ
with comcast I was paying 119 a month for 14 HD channels and the DVR with the high speed internet.

Now with FIOS 20/5 and directv HD DVR 72 HD Channels Showtime and the Movie Channel I'm paying 95.

More channels, more speed 25 bucks cheaper.

I couldn't care less about ondemmand I was hardly was using it as it was.


Lemoyne, PA
reply to Rick
FiOS has over 3000 on demand titles - and can add as many HD channels as they like without having do delete regular channels like cable companies have to due to bandwith limitations. You can only get so much over that copper line.