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drop the crantini and move it, sister
Morristown, NJ
reply to DaveDude

Re: 3 years ago people asked for did cable notice ?

said by DaveDude:

Over and over , article after article. People have asked, and asked cable for symmetric packages. Even businesses served by cable cant get it. Well maybe the cablecos will listen this time.
By "listening" I guess you mean "rip out the HFC network and start over".

Both FiOS and cable are by nature asymmetric (the outside plant has more downstream than upstream available). However FiOS has more overall bandwidth available. Even with a ton of node splitting, cable is at a disadvantage as the system was not designed to offer anywhere near the amount of upstream to support something like 15/15 or 20/20 service.

Not to mention that 90-some percent of interweb users don't give a rat's ass about upstream...


North Andover, MA
Maybe they don't care because nothing has been widely developed to use it because no one has it. It's the same as saying no one will use 100mbps because there's no killer app that would be improved by having that much bandwidth. Of course there's not. Why would you spend you time and effort developing for something that doesn't exist?!