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Bob Walters


I ran out of room & could not finish!

I can only speak from experience. Having a small business and a greater hobby in the audio/video world, I have switched from Westchester cablevision to FIOS[Verizon]. The cable service people could have cared less!! They cut off the service by cutting the coax on the telephone pole an inch from the connection.. I have no problem with that...when you don't care the easiest way is the easiest way! They will just leave the R-59 cable there for the next person who pays for HDTV and can't figure out why it looks just like analog TV! This cable [which I "begged" them to change when I got HDTV from them] still hung from the pole to my house. I called and asked them to get rid of it and the nasty SOB on the phone said it would be a $100.00 charge! I got out the ladder and cut it myself!!!!