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L'Ile-Bizard, QC

port phone number from Comwave to Acanac

I'm currently using voip from Comwave. Can I port my phone number over if I switch to Acanac voip?

Acanac Inc
Mississauga, ON

At the moment number porting is not possible.

Best Regards,
Paul L.


reply to nicewei

Hi Paul,

Any plans of porting numbers in the near future?

Area code 604 is what I am looking for.

I got one of your free voip numbers and am very impressed. I also bought a "Linksys SPA2102 VoIP Router 2 Fxs RJ-11 Phone Ports 2 RJ45 10/100 LAN Ports" to set it up.

So far it is very good. I am on ADSL with a 6meg up/1 meg down plan. No one could tell I was not on a land line. So good I gave the box to my father who also found it worked well. He is on cable, not sure the speed. I will then give it to another person to test it out who is also on cable.

For me I am not in love with my phone number as no one calls me Well really everyone calls my cell.

I tried faxing with it and so far that worked but didn't try a lot. All I care about is if it works to fax to my online fax number. If it does and it did then I can just forward the fax using the internet to whoever I want.

However for my father and others who are much more land line based it is just too much to loose their number so your VOIP is not an option because you don't port numbers.

Voice Quality is good
Price is good
Features are good ie.. voice mail, call waiting ect...

Can't port a 604 number

Acanac Inc
Mississauga, ON

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I know I have been saying this for awhile , but we will soon allow number porting. We are hoping for March of 2008. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Best Regards,