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reply to BosstonesOwn

Re: Bittorrent is dying

said by BosstonesOwn:

Again this comes to something that is never answered. If I pay for a cable connection why can't i use it for what i want ?
What a lot of people don't understand is that this is nothing new. There has been network restrictions or acceptable use going all the way back to dial up and even Prodigy.

If the network service you are buying a connection from doesn't want the kind of applications running on it then that's their right to set the limitations. Your entire remedy is to not do business with them.

Dial up had a few strict limitations as well.

1) No two people can connect to the network at one time. (ie: one dial up connection at a time)

2) You could not use programs to keep the connection alive. It would kick you off if you were connected with too long of an activity. This one is of particular interest because if I paid for a connection to the internet, why couldn't I leave it on all the time? After all, I paid for an unlimited use service, right?

3) Some services would FORCE you to log off after a certain period of time such as 4 or 6 hours in the day.

Terms and AUPs have been around for years. The same thing could be said about your question... If I pay for a car, why can't I drive it as fast as I want? If I pay for a seat on an airplane in coach, why shouldn't I be able to get on the plane when First class does? After all, I purchased a seat like everyone else. (My remedy - I only fly first now) The can set the rules and you either live by them, or go to the competition and give them your money.

To be honest - that's why..

Would it be nice to be able to use the connection full balls to the wall? Sure.. but the fact is, the internet isn't ready to have everything and the kitchen sink thrown to it. So, until it's time and they are ready, they will continue to manage the network to give everyone the best possible experience.
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