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Harriman, TN

How is the Fast Access self install kit shipped?

I know that is a very odd question. Here's the story.

My grandparents have been on 56k for the longest time and with the most recent letter from AT&T the price has gone up again to $22.95. I told them they could get DSL Lite for just a couple of dollars more.

I went to the Bellsouth.com site and entered their number, it says they are eligible for DSL. What caught my eye though, was the offer for the very same DSL Lite package for $10 a month with a free modem and free self install kit. After a little bit of research I understand this $10 rate would continue until Dec. 2009...awesome!

The neighborhood they live in(Knoxville, TN) is kind of known for punks that cause trouble. Luckily they are secluded with a long driveway to their home. They never did put up a mailbox when they moved there about 10 years ago. They are so paranoid about people messing with their mail or trashing their box, that they receive mail where they used to live, about 5 miles away and more outside the city.

When I went to confirm my order (online only) it wanted to send the kit to the address where the service will be installed. If you choose to have it shipped to a different address, (even though they receive their bill at this old address) you must enter a credit card number. They do not want to give them a credit card number if there are no fees that need to be paid. I guess I can't blame them, but what's the worst that could happen? Don't answer that.

They can get the kit just fine if it's sent via Fedex or UPS. I'm not even sure how large the package is. I know a modem in a small box could easily fit into a mailbox, so I wanted to make sure the "mailman" wouldn't be driving by and dropping it into a mailbox that doesn't exist.

How was yours delivered? If sent via Fedex or UPS, did it need to be signed for?

Does anyone else use the DSL Lite $10 plan? I know it's not fast but it would be good for the simple browsing/email that they do.

Sorry for such an odd question and long post.

Thanks for any help.


Opelousas, LA

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When I received my kit (of course this was back in 2004) it was shipped via UPS Next-Day Air. A signature was not required.

As for the speeds, 768/128 should be fine for casual browsing and e-mail usage, and at $10 per month, it's certainly a great price.


End of line

Powder Springs, GA
reply to Fishman23
Shipped via carrier, UPS.


Harriman, TN

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Thanks guys, placed the order today for the $10 service. Hope it goes well.


Harriman, TN

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The UPS truck delivered to their door today and I am posting this message from their new $10 a month AT&T DSL connection! Thanks guy for answering such a dumb question last week.

The first speed test shows 638/107. I won't complain!


My Paradise
Boynton Beach, FL
You may want to take a look at the FAQs and do a little tweaking.

I don't know the quality of the lines/service where they live, but tweaking might get you better speeds.

»AT&T Southeast Forum FAQ
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Menlo Park, CA
Is this bellsouth offering available everywhere, how does one get it? I would like to try to find a very basic DSL for FL.

My Best Friend Is A Boxer

Carrollton, GA
said by tivoboy:

Is this bellsouth offering available everywhere, how does one get it? I would like to try to find a very basic DSL for FL.
»www.bellsouth.com/consumer/inets ··· pop.html