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This is a sub-selection from what i would like

Jason Levine
reply to jgkolt

Re: what i would like

Me too. We've been having problems with our Time Warner DVR box for quite awhile. We're told to reboot the box (helps that one time but then the problem comes back). We have techs come to our house (signal strength is great, no problems that they can see). We've even swapped out the box twice (wish they could transfer recordings from the old box to the new box ). Still, we can't record a show and watch the recording from the beginning at the same time without the screen turning black.

It happened just last night to my wife. She was recording Dancing with the Stars, had 2 minutes left in the recording, and selected Play from Beginning. Suddenly the screen turned black. When she went back to the DVR listing, the recording had vanished! Time Warner tech support finally admitted that there might be an issue with Play from Beginning, but they haven't given us any home that the problem will be fixed yet.

Right now our options are:

- Stick with Time Warner even though we're not happy with the level of service we're getting.
- Switch to DirecTV and possibly pay more (we're signed up for the Time Warner All-The-Best package).

And that's it. Our choice of television comes down to The Cable Company or The Satellite Company. We should be able to pick from a few different cable companies or alternative providers (satellite, IPTV from telecom companies, etc), but we're limited to 2.