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This is a sub-selection from what i would like


Euclid, OH
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Re: what i would like

said by tc1uscg:

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said by openbox9:

And I'd like to see little cuddly pink bunny rabbits hopping around delivering Easter Eggs, but guess what, it's not going to happen.
Seriously, jgkolt See Profile brought a point the table. You just made yourself look like an idiot. I'm sure you're proud too, but I agree with jgkolt See Profile.
Idiot? Hardly. It's those who are living in a pipe dream thinking just because another "provider" won't come into thier area, the FCC is going to ride in on a white horse (or black) to save the day. Nothing is stopping Verizon from coming into my area, nothing is stopping other providers, oh shit.. wait.. it's the cash flow and demand.. Thats why they don't come around there. So, before you write off the bunny rabbit sarcasm, maybe you should pull your head out of the sand (or some place else that smells) and face what the real issue is here. I live in a area that has ATT, Comcast and WOW. It all had to do with the money the provider wanted to spend to get into the market and how much they wanted to undercut the other guy. So.. where the hell is VZ? Cherry picking, like ATT as they do best..
Maybe not now, but in the future when Martin is no longer the head of a department that is, mostly due to him, now under scrutiny. Hopefully after his term is up (or he is ousted), someone with a little more sense will be put in place. Favoring the telcos and regulating the cable cos with restrictions that even the telcos deserve? This guy sounds more like a joke. I can only hope that the after the next election a capable person is put in place. Our government needs more insight into technology and I hope it comes soon. I really don't care what pipe dream I live in, at least I have one. Sitting back going "not ganna happen, never ganna happen (but I wish it would/could)" isn't going to do anything.

- "Techie" Jim