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Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA

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reply to Gaffe

Re: EFF Protects the Consumer's Interests

Yup... I suspect it as well.

CableCo/Telco will raise bandwidth rates IF there's low usage.
Eg. 20Mbps connection isn't an issue if there's low usage.

This works similar to an old fashioned Telco CO, where there's a fixed capacity for lets say 40% at any one time (i.e. 40% of the phones can be calling at the same time).
Typical Internet usage (browsing, video clips,downloads) support this model

Bittorrent is a chatty protocol, and many would see this as excess traffic, or consider it as 'running servers', in a method to deter the usage of p2p/Bittorrent. An old telco equivalent would think of this as having multiple people connecting to a local # and leaving the 2 connections open. Get enough of this, and capacity issues arise.

I don't justify it... if they can't support 20Mbps, then don't offer it. Offering it, then packet shaping / filtering / throttling apps at their discression is not the answer.
Why not do it the old / AOL style:
5Mbps 'Internet' (unrestricted) = $60
20Mbps 'proxied/filtered/restricted Internet want to be' $45

This will solve this issue. Sell the Internet as the what it is. Sell a proxied/ad filled/content pushed/cookie based/data mined AOL wannabe as an alternative.
Canada = Hollywood North