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reply to snorpus

Re: EFF Protects the Consumer's Interests

said by snorpus:

said by SilverSurfer1:

But isn't it interesting that the EFF and ACLU type organizations are only interested in helping people whose plight or position is closely aligned with their own politics?
Uh, not quite. One of the most famous instances of ACLU involvement was in supporting the right of white supremacists to demonstrate in a largely Jewish suburb of Chicago.
That is their politics... They're in the politics of following the Constitution to the 'T'.... Some people have a problem with this, so they call them liberals.... Sometimes they defend far right issues and that is used as an example that they are not a "liberal" organization. The truth is that they theoretically are independent... It just happens that the Republicans are infringing on our rights nowadays and therefore it makes the ACLU look liberal. I'm an independent an I support a Republican for president. Don't bother flaming me, I'm not a liberal.