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Ach Du Lieber
Premium,ExMod 2002-05
Seaside, CA
reply to openbox9

Re: Double-Talk

said by openbox9:

said by hhawkman:

No offence my friend... What IS normal use?
There's a second word that you conveniently left out...average. Averages are extremely easy to calculate and hence very helpful in defining normal.
said by hhawkman:

I pay for X download, and X upload.
No, you pay for "up to" the capability to peak to X download and Y upload.
said by hhawkman:

If I can't Use it, I am being defrauded by my provider.
There is no fraud in your scenario. If you pay for guaranteed throughput and have the SLA to prove it, then you can claim failure by your service provider. I still wouldn't call it fraud, but you can use whatever semantics that make you happy.
Get business class service and "Acceptable use" should be out the window. That's a case where you can be assured full usage of the bandwidth both up and down that you are paying for. Of course it costs about 4 times as much as residential, but rightly so since presumably you are running a business and require tighter SLA's on your connection.

- FM
Undisputed BBR Karaoke Champion! Care to challenge me?

You can get guaranteed full usage of your connection if you have a dedicated connection (not the "$359 Speakeasy Special"), which usually costs more than 4 times as much as a residential connection....and that's assuming only a circuit such as a T-1.