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This is a sub-selection from useless...

All noise, no signal.
Jamestown, NC
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said by alchav:

said by a333:

DOSCIS 2 shares the 50 megs among like 50 users, so comcast cant use it to offer those speeds to each and every sub. Now, hopefully, with channel bonding and the rest of it, DOSCIS 3.0 should be able to make those speeds possible.
I agree with a333, Cable Companies and Telco's are laid out differently. Cable Companies work on a sharing Network, while Telco's Network starts at the Central Office. DOSCIS 3.0 or Fiber through a Cable Company will still have limitations. Like I said Verizon FiOS is the clear winner anyway you look at it.
You do realize FiOS' BPON and/or GPON architecture is shared at the neighborhood node right, not at the Central Office.


Wakefield, MA
·Verizon FiOS
Technicallity , they are shared at the block muxer. Meaning they are shared at the 32 sub block , where its muxed onto the main fiber ring. But in all real world speak they have less people packed on a "node".
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