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Littleton, CO

is 3.0 good bad or indifferent?

Personally I still wonder where the chips will fall in the end. How many people have ordered their 5 and 6mbps service only find that they can barely hit 3. Several people commented on the shared resource, well it's true it is still shared but what's more in several cable environments you are not 1:1 on the downstream path, you may be 1:8 or 1:16 on nodes depending on the location and how your provider built their network. If they don't redo all of their wiring the benefits become a wash. What's a 50mbps service when you are competing with more than 500 people for the same 100mbps total? Even worse sell the users 100mbps while still only having a single 100mbps back-end? Without some major forklifting and conversions to the switched or even IP multicast video services in order re-use some of the total HFC capacity dynamically you can't get around the ratio problem. DOCSIS has for a long time on the downstream had a major shortcoming here(in my opinion) that it doesn't allow it to keep up with consumer bandwidth demands. You have to overcome the hurtle of offering more capacity to the 'group' of users than what can be consumed by 1.

Tell me each section or node group on a plant has 500mbps of internet capacity to serve 500 customers at 50mbps sold to each atleast then I'm at a good 1:10 ratio as apposed to the more likely 1:500 ratio the way it's delivered today in several environments. Consider that only 10% of an area would be able to receive 100% of their purchased service at a given time. Now DOCSIS 3.0 does work if consumers are still sold their 5 - 15mbps services and providers increase the amount of capacity used to serve them. But, this doesn't put the MSO's in the foothold they are searching for to offer the bigger numbers that consumers clammer for. How many consumers are annoyed when their modem service only achieves their marketed speed in the middle of the night? Again this is often the result of only being able to deliver capacity on some really poor total:consumer ratio values. Comparatively, today in several MSO environments consumers receive a 38mbps downstream pipe and are sold perhaps 5mbps of that 38meg stream. Using the same numbers if there are 500 customers fighting for the same service you have capacity for almost 8 of your customers at the same time or 1.6%. So next time you wonder why that iTunes video purchase is coming in so slow in the evening consider this. This doesn't even take into account the uplinks and combined bandwidth requirements of say two DOCSIS 3.0 cmts's in the world of Ethernet and internet transport.

Long post but I wanted to throw in my penny's worth.



New Price Package for 3.0

I just got off the phone with Comcast tech support they confirmed my area is getting a new package.

160megs down / 128kb up

New price per month with TV $149.95 per month
Without TV $199.96 per month

A hot cup of integrals please

Rego Park, NY
eggg-sellent.......... now u can burst through comcast's ivisi-caps in approx.....5 mins.
FiOS customers, just sit back and relax, and enjoy a new form of entertainment!!