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Pittsburgh, PA

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You people are amazingly stupid.

Look at the top contributors to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrat leadership... top contributors include Comcast, Time Warner, Viacom all the companies who stand to lose should Martin succeed in ending the unethical and anti-competitive practice of forced bundling.

Pressure has been mounting recently to act on the Consumer and Family Choice Act that has been languishing since June, pressure resulting from Martin's actions, and this is Congress' response.

The investigation is nothing but SOP Democrat corruption, once again doing the bidding of the Hollywood and media elites who bankroll them and shill for them on their channels and another kick to consumers and families in their teeth again.

Shame on you all for being so easily duped by these thugs posing as public servants.


Cable lobbyists are desperate to keep their little scam intact and they'll do anything to stop Martin.