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"Over the years, we've seen plenty of opinions from the telcos (and their employees posting to our forums) as to why they couldn't provide DSL independently of local phone service (aka naked or dry loop DSL). Some, if you remember, claimed it was illegal to do so. Others spent considerable energy claiming it was technically impossible. Some execs insisted existing lines would oxidize and the network would fail should dry loop DSL be offered.

This is bull. They don't want to offer Naked DSL only because it will hurt there already hurting landline service (project dinosaur).

Impossible to offer it? Bull.

Oxidize lines? Bull.

Copper in the ground is not oxidizing that's bull.

Not technically possible? Bull.

Were do these guys get there info.

They are protecting there employers.

For once I like to see them explain this one.

Besides anyone who believes this is a moron.

Hopefully Kevin and ATT will not be in bed together for long.

Absolute disgust.