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Fort Lauderdale, FL
·AT&T U-Verse

[General] Stand Alone FastAccess Nightmare !!

Please see my AT&T Bellsouth Nightmare belwo:

During the week of 11/26/07 I placed an order with AT&T-Bellsouth for Stand-Alone Fast Access 1.5 Mb Service for a quoted price of $37.95/mo. My activation date was scheduled for 12/4/2007.

12/4/2007 at approx. 1800, arrive at home and connect DSL modem directly to my NID. No sync between modem and AT&T. I place a call to Techical Support, who trouble shoots the connection with me and ends up scheduling an appointment for 12/5/07 between 0800 and noon. I advise Tech Support that I can not be home, Tech Support says no problem that it is an issue between my NID and AT&T and they can take care of it without me being present.

12/5/2007 at approx. 0900 get a phone call from repair tech saying they are at my address (condo complex) and that they can't get access to the Telecom Room. I advise techinician how to get access to Telecom Room and to call me back if he runs into any issues. Technician says no problem and that if I don't hear from him that all is working.

12/5/2007 at approx. 1800 arrived a home, plug in DSL modem directly to NID, again no sync. Call Tech Support who says technician was unable to resolve the issue without me present and that a new appointment would need to be scheduled. I inquire as to why the technician didn't call me back since there was an issue, Tech Support could not answer. I scheduled an appointment for 12/6/07 between noon and 1700, since I was able to take the afernoon off work.

12/6/07 at approx 0900 call Tech Support to verify appointment and am told appointment is scheduled and that the hours between noon and 1700 have been verified.

12/6/07 at approx 1200 arrive home and call Tech Support to request a more specific time and am advised that the appointment still show a window of noon to 1700, but to expect the Technician between 14:30 and 16:00.

12/6/07 at approx 1545 call Tech Support and inquire as to status of Techinican. I am advised that the ticket is open and they will be calling me before they arrive between 1630 and 1645.

12/6/07 at approx. 1700 call Tech Support and inquire as to status of Techincian. Tech Support tells me that there is an open residential phone line service request on my line that does not allow the DSL technician to be scheduled. I advise that my line is a new DSL only line. Tech Support advises that this is a hold over from the previous account holder !!!! I ask Tech Support to speak to a supervisor.

12/6/07 at approx. 1730 get transferred to a supervisor, who I explain the whole situation to again. Supervisor says he will speak to the Phone Line division and fix it. I thank him for his assistance and tell him about taking off of work and that I would really appreciate the technician arriving this evening (as I am aware they do service calls until 1900). Supervisor advises that this should not be a problem. Supervisor puts me on hold to call phone line division.

12/6/07 at approx. 1745 Supervisor comes back on line and says phone division can't clear the error for 2 to 3 days,a and until they clear the error in their service system that the DSL Tech (who is available) can not be authorized to come out.

12/6/07 at approx. 1800. I express my dissatisfaction and request that my DSL order be cancelled. I am then transferred to a billing specialist who cancels my order !!!!

I used to have nothing but good things to say about AT&T. I am a Wireless Subscriber for 5 years, and a Callvantage Subscriber for 5-6 months. What the heck has happened to AT&T / Bellsouth, this is a rather embarassing string of errors !!!!!


Lawrenceville, GA

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you seem rather impatient to me.


Aiken, SC
reply to jonathanlord

not impatient to me.

if they say their gonna do something, then by-god DO IT!
there's way too much lax business ethics in the world today, especially when the business knows they have you by the balls.

to lose all that time, and not to mention a days pay, for nothing, is utter BS!


Memphis, TN
reply to jonathanlord
Understandable you'd be upset, that is a trainwreck.

reply to jonathanlord
How do you know that request doesnt have anything to do with the line they are supposed to be installing?

I do agree its total BS for them to say they can't setup a date and time for an appointment for 2-3 days. I would have given them one last chance.

How did you order standalone in Florida?
Am Heimcomputer sitz' ich hier, und programmier' die Zukunft mir


Fort Lauderdale, FL
·AT&T U-Verse
They were the ones that told me the issue with the line was from the previous account holder of that phone number. I was issued a virtual phone number, but the previous owner of that number had an open service ticket that was never closed. Their is an obvious disconnect between their DSL staff and Phone Staff (non-union vs. union)

Regarding how to get Standalone if Florida, all you have to do is call and ask for StandAlone FastAccess. You can only get 1.5 MB or higher. It is usual price plus a $5 surcharge.

Tampa, FL
I doubted standalone at the moment it was released.. seems they have yet to work out the kinks..

I guess I will have to wait a long time before I decide to drop my pots line.

Lake City, TN
reply to jonathanlord
I have noticed myself that lately I have gotten the 72 hour response for stuff that should happen instantly. Seems like since the merger the service is just not as good.


Fort Lauderdale, FL
·AT&T U-Verse
With all of my recent aggravation I must also give credit, where credit is due.

I have been an AT&T Wireless Customer for 5+ years and have nothing but good things to say about their service and support. I have been a AT&T Callvantage customer for 5+ months (switched from many years with Vonage), and have nothing but good things to say about their service and support.

I have also been contacted by one of their support techs who participates on the AT&T Direct Forum, and he has made an offer to attempt to address my recent issue. He does not work for AT&T Southeast (Bellsouth), but I belive for the original SBC AT&T. He acknolwedged that there are some issues in the former Bellsouth Territory. I can only hope that he is successful. Otherwise I will just keep using my existing Internet Service. I also hope that customer service in the Bellsouth Territory is rasied to the level exhibited by this gentlemen from the orginal SBC AT&T.


Louisville, KY

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reply to jonathanlord
As part of their agreement with the FCC for their merger with Bellsouth, AT & T only has to offer their stand alone dsl service for 30 months and after that, they can force customers to go back to their phone/dsl bundled service. I read that in an article on cnet.com.

Can anyone confirm this ?

Don't know how much truth is in it !


Lewisville, TX
What you are speaking of is the 30 mths AT&T is required to offer Stand Alone DSL @ 768k for $19.95. AT&T has the option of providing service at higher speed/prices, but they are not required to keep offering said service meaning they higher tiers maybe withdrawn at anytime.

AT&T/BellSouth Merger Conditions

ADSL Service (Page 8)
Within twelve months of the Merger Closing Date, AT&T/BellSouth will make available in its in-region territory an ADSL service capable of speeds up to 768 Kbps to ADSL-capable customers without requiring such customers to also purchase circuit switched voice grade telephone service ("Stand Alone 768 Kbps service"). AT&T/BellSouth will continue to offer the 768 Kbps service in a state for thirty months after the "Stand Alone 768 Kbps Implementation Date" for that state. For purposes of this commitment, the "Stand Alone 768 Kbps Implementation Date" for a state shall be the date on which AT&T/BellSouth can offer the Stand Alone 768 Kbps service to eighty percent of the ADSL-capable premises in AT&TBellSouth's in-region territory in that state. The Stand Alone 768 Kbps service will be offered at a rate of not more than $19.95 per month (exclusive of regulatory fees and taxes) . AT&T/BellSouth may make available such services at other speeds at prices that are competitive with the broadband market taken as a whole.
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Louisville, KY
Ok ! Thanks for verifying !

Al Campos

reply to jonathanlord
At&t gives you one price over the phone along w/ confirmation# and bill
ends up being alot higher, and when i call to question bill they tell me that they do not reconize the confirmation# they are charging me over 47.00 for stand alone i will be switching iternet providers.


Stamping Ground, KY
reply to jonathanlord
That story sounded a lot like the ones you used to hear in the 90s. Sad that things still happen like that.