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Richmond, VA

Cavalier will not answer a simple question

I just have two simple questions but I cannot get anyone from CavTel support to answer them. I emailed twice and waited about a month. Nothing. Then I tried telphoning and waited over 20 min. the first time and over 30 min. the second time but nobody ever came on the line. I also tried the online chat but that is also useless.

So here are my simple questions:
1. What are the steps to putting information on your personal web page? The online quide is not specific enough. I need to know where to FTP my index.html page and how to login to FTP (what user name and password to use in other words).
2. Sometimes I cannot Remote Desktop to my PC. I have the Paradyne DSL modem. It's like the DSL modem goes to sleep or something. If I surf the web then it wakes up and then I get Remote Desktop to work again for awhile. How do I fix it so the DSL modem stays on? The DSL modem is connected to a D-Link router if that makes any difference.

Thanks for any help!