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Lakewood, CA
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Cost Cost Cost

Its all about cost. Airlines esp. Jet Blue are not doing well now. So this is a gimmick to get people to fly them like their free direct TV which is nice. At the same time they dont want the gimmicks to cot too much. Also most of the airlines have dumped the browsing thing due to cost ans because people refused to pay extra for it given the cost of seats.

Also there are not outlets so people with 2.5 hr batteries like me are in trouble. Aslo you need to be able to send attachments and browse. Why dont they partner with google. Yahoo not doing so hot now esp. in political issues with China
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Jersey City, NJ
I don't see how jetblue is not doing well... When I've been asked to give up my (non-revenue) seat twice in the past 3 months.

I get to fly free on JB, so I try to take advantage of the sitatuion as often as possible... Usually at least twice a month. JB's terminal at JFK is worst than Grand Central Station during rush hour.

I've wonder about the in-seat power source, but I'm guessing they actually want people to run out of battery so that they don't spend 6 hours download crap while flying.


Andover, NJ

I know that place

SWF? Been a while since I landed there in my P-180! See the C130s are still on the ramps.
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wow you're good...

Newburgh! Talk about paying attention to details