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Paoli, PA

Cannot receive Qam HD channels on Element FLX-1510 TV

I am not receiving RF channels in the 71-74 range on my Element TV but I am receiving these channels on my other 2 ATSC/QAM tuners. Those tuners are: Samsung SIR-T451 and a MyHD-130 tuner card in a PC. I'm receiving SD channels OK on the Element TV and I can receive HD OTA channels if I hook it up to an antenna so the TV appears to be fully functional.

I tried moving the TV to the same cable that worked on one of these other tuners and it still did not locate the channels after a fresh channel scan so I know it's not a problem with the cable.


Sterling, VA
You are probably having the same problem those with Sharp TVs are having trying to tune to HD locals after the PSIP remap change. See the thread »QAM Changes from Philly VHO?.


Paoli, PA
reply to hdgeek
Thanks. I saw that thread but I didn't have FiOS TV until last week so I don't know if it worked before the remap.


Doylestown, PA

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As the OP, I would suggest that you post in the VZ Direct Forum (if you haven't already). Perhaps if enough people make noise about this issue they will get off their a**es and do something to fix their problem It has now been over a month since I first reported this issue and all I've gotten in response is the lame quote I posted earlier in this thread.

Good luck and please keep me and the others in this thread updated if you make any progress.

EDIT - I updated my post on the Direct forum to mention that other brands besides Sharp (Element and possibly a Samsung) were exhibiting local HD QAM issues.
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Paoli, PA
reply to hdgeek
Oops. I thought that's what I was doing. I just found the "direct" tab so I'll post the same thread there. I had a Verizon tech here last night because I'm also having some sporadic pixelation issues. I got him to replace some crappy crimp connectors on my coax lines but it didn't help. I mentioned the problem with the Element TV but he, of course, was not really equipped to deal with that type of issue. It would be nice though if he could at least report the problem back to his service center.