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Yo Soy Col. "Bat" Guano
Philly burbs

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reply to Jodokast96

Re: Did They Survive The Trip?

Pretty much the way I see it.

Voyager2k2, You can personally attack me, but I'm not going to bite, it's not who I am. I know who I am, what I can handle, and what I can't.

I'm not looking to knock any particular race, religion, creed, or person. I have nothing but respect for single parents who are trying to raise decent children in a hostile environment. It's not easy.

But to go off on your righteously indignant diatribe is nothing but pure hyperbole. I feel for single folks trying to raise decent children, but children need role models.

The fact is, a lack of positive male role models has led to the carnage we witness on the streets of Philadelphia today 400+ murders AGAIN this year.

Plenty of children raised under rough circumstances go on to make very good and respectful lives for themselves, but unfortunately a lot of them don't.

All I'm saying (in a nutshell) is children who have positive role models more often have brigther futures than kids who don't. Race, background, religion, etc matters not. An adult at the side of a child to help them through to adulthood is paramount to that child's future.

Besides, you have no damn clue what race I am. Have you ever met me, or saw me in public, or seen a picture of me? Didn't think so. You ASSUMED I was lily white based on my opinion.

Just slightly prejudiced, 'eh??
Petty people are disproportionably corrupted by petty power…


Wayne, PA
Screw you.
I am trying to solve the problem.
Both of you are doing shit but making uninformed comment.
N3OGH PM me and I will let you meet some real cops.
My Dad was a township supervisor for over decade in Tredyffrin twp and oversaw the PD in that township.
Do I need to go in to the racist history of Tredyffrin PD?

BTW I am white as a sheet. I just know what goes on in this troubled part of Philly and how hard 99% of the parents of their babies work to get their kids out of here.
That's the reality of what goes on here in SW Philly.
It's very sad, but vast majority of the community including the local churches are doing everything they can to save the children here.
So STFU 'cause both of you don't know beans about what goes on in Philly.

It's sad but the community is working on it.
The voters in Philly hope mayor elect Nutter will help get the young thugs off the street regardless of who their parent(s) are.

Anyone reading this post should get on their knees and thank God that they did not have to grow up in an environment like SW Philly. That's why I help

Stupid people really piss me off.
Erial, NJ

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And someone as blind as yourself I'm sure is making all the difference. You can't debate points that were made and instead resort to unwarranted name calling and insults. Some role model.