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Glen Head, NY

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The White Space Coalition recently delivered prototypes to the FCC which the commission deemed unfriendly to nearby transmissions. Microsoft disputed the agency's findings, arguing one of the prototypes was broken -- and stating that they have a prototype ready that will detect and avoid nearby wireless signals.
What I find unnerving is this statement that one of the prototypes was broken. What does this mean in the real world if a production unit already in operation breaks? Does an entire neighborhood get its video wiped out because of the broken unit? I would hope there is enough fail-safe built in to these devices that will cause them to shutdown on the first sign of circuit trouble. Of course if the circuitry designed to detect the problems is also effected then get used to issues popping up.

As a ham, one of the biggest offenders these days happens to be TV signal amplifiers. It is amazing how many of them go bad and start radiating signals for years until they are finally tracked down. I shudder to think a similar scenario is brewing now with "white space" transmitters.
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Santa Cruz, CA

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Is it the return of the FCC triangulation vans?

Im using a 16v powered hdtv antenna from radio shack.
My 102" SS CB antenna is on the same pole. I havent noticed any problems yet.