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Re: NAtB are a bunch of BS artists

"t's a solution that is searching for a problem."

I don't see how anyone looking at the state of the american market could make a claim like this with anything approximating a straight face. Something like 96-98% of the broadband market is controlled by either the sole cableco or sole telco in any particular market(yes there are multiple bells and cable companies but they do not compete with one another).

For example see figure 9:


This data is a few years old but all the newer data I have seen shows no fundamental change. Note also the trend, which is to even less competition and growing market share for cable and the bells.
A large number of people have only one option and a quite significant number of people still have zero options.

This country desperately needs an additional player with national scope. A few scattered startups with very limited service areas are never going to be serious competition to the cableco/bell duopoly.

Now there may be legitimate concerns about interference and those concerns should be addressed but it is in the nature of these things that every time changes occur entrenched interests scream that the sky is falling. These melodramatic pronouncements about everyones' televisions being under attack are stupid. It isn't as if interference or failed devices only became a possibility yesterday. Devices have failed and interference has occurred from the very beginning of wireless communications and it has not yet led to the downfall of civilization. I think one has to be suspicious of groups whose agenda is to kill something like this, early in its life, rather than working to make sure it functions properly and with minimal nuisance to others. If we continue to listen to these groups that tell us the sky is falling the practical effect will be locking us perpetually into the limitations of present technology or, at minimum, locking us into whatever technology the dominant players choose to allow us.