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reply to MGD

The Recruiter Network

A correspondent has asked me about the following recruitment offer. I've advised him that it's a money mule job of the sort discussed here (and pointed him to the forum). I don't know how useful this information will prove to be -- there's not much to go on -- but I'm posting it here for future reference, just in case. (Also useful if anyone searches based on this text.)

From: Klara Jagerhon <klara.jagerhon@therecruiternetwork.org>
Subject: Assistant Director Positon
To: [redacted]
Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2009, xx:xx

Dear Applicant,

I represent the The Recruiter Network, Sweden based company that provides
recruitment services globally. We work in partnership with our candidates
and clients to provide both with our expertise in every part of the
recruitment process, to delivery added value to our candidates and clients.

Our client, Swedish web-design studio "Rich Productions", is looking for managers
in the USA to create Rich Productions' subsidiaries. I have found you resume on
»www.monster.com/ and I suppose that this position could be
a good opportunity for you to get additional income.

Your mission in this project is to establish business tools (to register
a business entity, to set up business and merchant bank accounts), and,
basically, after that all you will have to do is to spend a couple of
hours a week to monitor sales level, incoming and outgoing payments, and
perform simple tasks from Rich Productions' manager.

Rich Productions will create a web-site (online store, Rich Productions' subsidiary)
that will sell their products. The operation of this web-site
impossible without a merchant account, that is why your mission of
establishing the listed above business tools is so important for the
project. Certainly, you will be reimbursed for all expenses.

If you already have a company, you can use it instead of registering a
new one, it will make the start up yet faster.

Your commission will be 5% from gross sales (you'll earn about 1500-2000$
a month). You will get this commission in any case regardless any fees
applied to business.

Your income will increase as the business progresses. And, as you can
see, everything is very simple and all partnership activities are
absolutely transparent.

Please e-mail me at alva.stahrberg@1stclassrecruitment.com, and I will
provide you with all the details. Even if you are not interested in this
position, let me know and I will contact you if we have any other, more
suitable for you, opportunity.

Klara Jagerhon, HR Agent
The Recruiter Network
Gjorwellsgatan 28, 112 60
Stockholm, Sweden

Note that 1stclassrecruitment.com is registered anonymously, created on 13-jan-2009; therecruiternetwork.org is registered under the name "Doris Weeks" (address info exists), created on 23-Jul-2009 21:31:03 UTC.

Suckers Wanted -- Employment Opportunities That Will Cost You


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said by iDeceive:

A correspondent has asked me about the following recruitment offer. I've advised him that it's a money mule job of the sort discussed here (and pointed him to the forum). I don't know how useful this information will prove to be -- there's not much to go on -- but I'm posting it here for future reference, just in case. (Also useful if anyone searches based on this text.)
Excellent decision to post iDeceive See Profile.

said by iDeceive:

I don't know how useful this information will prove to be -- there's not much to go on --
More than you thought, sometimes all that is needed is a mere crumb of information. Not only is the mention of setting up an LLC /Corp and obtaining merchant services a primary clue, which ties it to this organized crime syndicate. I can confirm absolutely that it is the same criminals.

Several of the graphic images that have been used before are on here:

Snapped 2009-08-27 12:59:43

Despite listing a born on 2007 date the therecruiternetwork.org image files were uploaded on 08/10:

Snapped 2009-08-27 13:18:27

It belongs to the download themed group whose recruiting C&C repeatedly projects itself as being based in Sweden. They are also using the same address as a recently posted recruiting email for the known fraud Riddick-Design.

Riddick is a subset of a large group of let's pretend we are in Sweden fraud cyber-mule recruiting sites. Not only is the SCAM therecruiternetwork.org FRAUD hidden such that only those whose resumes are targeted can find it:

According to the source code of the main index page that are no more that a few text words on there. Everything is in a graphic non searchable format including the contact details:

Server Data
Server Type: Apache
IP Address:
IP Location - California - Encino - Ih Networks
Response Code: 200
Domain Status: Registered And Active Website

Not only is this group associated with recruiting for the mobile themes, but the scam recruiting website therecruiternetwork.org is hosted on the same server as Cheapestthemes.com

IP Address:

Hosting Audit

045. Cheapestthemes.com
192. therecruiternetwork.org

The fraud website Cheapestthemes.com has been processing fraud charges since early February with the latest report less than 24 hours ago

An audit of the 200 odd websites hosted on IP Address: reveals that in addition to therecruiternetwork.org and Cheapestthemes.com a mobile themed download fraud website imagestudiodesign.com is also hosted on that server:

Snapped 2009-08-27 17:01:58

Administrative Contact:
Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
Whois Agent ()
Fax: +1.4256960234
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
C/O imagestudiodesign.com
Bellevue, WA 98007
Status: Locked
Name Servers:
Creation date: 05 Feb 2009 23:52:25
Expiration date: 05 Feb 2010 23:52:00

The imagestudiodesign.com contact phone number of 813-200-4105 is cloaked as an image file:

That image format is identical to the contact details of therecruiternetwork.org same php script:

RECRUIT FRAUD = therecruiternetwork.org =JOB SCAM
RECRUIT FRAUD = klara.jagerhon@therecruiternetwork.org =JOB SCAM
RECRUIT FRAUD = The Recruiter Network =JOB SCAM
Gjorwellsgatan 28, 112 60Stockholm, Sweden
RECRUIT FRAUD= Swedish web-design studio "Rich Productions" =JOB SCAM


music man

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reply to MGD

Re: Ebook websites, fraud charges, Devbill/DigitalAge/Pluto

From the same stable as therecruiternetwork.org- »webrecruit.org

Snapped 2009-08-29 15:37:53

As usual all contact details are cloaked using images. For total confirmation that this is a faker we have the usual robots.txt file.

Registry Data
Created: 2009-05-05
Expires: 2010-05-05

Another hidden registrant as well.

said by music man:

From the same stable as therecruiternetwork.org- »webrecruit.org

Snapped 2009-08-29 15:37:53

As usual all contact details are cloaked using images. For total confirmation that this is a faker we have the usual robots.txt file.

Registry Data
Created: 2009-05-05
Expires: 2010-05-05

Another hidden registrant as well.
Great finds, a recap of the criminal contents of IP Uswebhosting.com

Whois Record
OrgName: IH Networks
Address: 16060 Ventura Blvd
Address: Suite 105
City: Encino
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 91436
Country: US
NetRange: -
NetName: IHNET-PI-1
NetHandle: NET-72-34-32-0-1
Parent: NET-72-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2005-02-09
Updated: 2006-08-14
OrgTechHandle: IHNET-ARIN
OrgTechName: IH Networks
OrgTechPhone: +1-213-634-1497
OrgTechEmail: admin[AT]ihnetworks.net

Hosted on IP Address: via Uswebhosting.com

Cheapestthemes.com 904-352-1238 = Card Fraud money laundering

Still processing card fraud charges. First report in February 2009. Most recent fraud charge report September 10th 2006 »800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-904-35 ··· 2-1238/4

acrossthescreenuniverse.com 786-522-9361 = Card Fraud money laundering

this1isawesome.com = Card Fraud money laundering

imagestudiodesign.com 813-200-4105 = Card Fraud money laundering

therecruiternetwork.org = JOB SCAM = RECRUIT FRAUD

webrecruit.org = JOB SCAM = RECRUIT FRAUD

Dear -,

I represent recruiting company Web Recruit specialized in searching the candidates at the request of employers all over the world. I have found this position on Career Builder.

There is a position available at the moment offered by European company. Please see below a short description of this position.

Assistant Director

I'm pleased to offer you a part time employment as a representative of European company, interested in expanding the business to the US market. The company will create the web site oriented to the US customers with high revenues guaranteed by the complex of high-performance promotional measures. In spite of the project's intricate, your duties will be quite easy to perform. No special education or experience are required from your side. Your personal manager will lead you step by step to the success by providing you with detailed and quite easy to understand instructions. This position has a very high potential in a personal income boost as a result of business growing all in all.

The minimum salary at this position is $30,000/year (5 from the project revenues). There are no fees to pay from your side.

As a part-time position it will take only 7-9 hours a week to perform the duties. The same time the company offers you a long term business relationship that is definitely very important in difficult times of financial crisis, because it means a guarantee of getting a stable income regardless of the situation on the labour-market.

To ask for detailed description including duties and responsibilities of the position just respond to this offer with the following subject:

"Interested in getting the position of Assistant Director."

or in case you don't like this offer for any reason, please let me know and I'll try to find something else for you.

Best regards,

Maria Olson

Gjorwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm, Sweden

Emphasis added
Ref: »www.419legal.org/employment-scam ··· uit.html



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reply to MGD
Thanks to a heads up from BobBear.com »www.bobbear.co.uk for this active cyber-mule fraud recruiting website.


From: Linda Caradonna [mailto:hr@1stclassrecruitment.org]
Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2009 12:23 PM
Subject: Re: Concerning your resume at CarrerBuilder.com

Dear ,

Thank you for your reply, I'm glad that our offer is interesting for you and
try to explain what did this position entails and how everything works.

Our client is the Swedish company Red Line web studio which wants to enter
the american market now because almost all on-line business are located in
the USA. So we have to search managers in the USA to create their
subsidiaries. Below this manager is called Assistant Director. Theh
Assistant Director's mission in the project is to create business tools
(registering a business, setting up business and merchant bank accounts) and
it is for these services that he or she will be paid.

Red Line, Inc creates a web-site (online store or subsidiary another words)
which will sell their products. They want to sell small-size low-price
downloadable content advertizing through the banners. This way makes
possible to reach a good profit because of large volume of sales.

The work of this web-store is impossible without a company and that's why
Assistant Director's first step is the LLC or Sole Proprietorship
registration. If you don't have enough of funds to register the LLC we have
an opportunity to register the business for you using on-line incorporation
agency. In this case you don't spend your own money. If you already have a
company, it's great and will make the start up yet faster. You just should
open bank business and merchant account and Gateway on Authorize.net.

You will never do any sales, advertising, presentation or something like
this. All promoting of the Web store will be done using on-line ADS
services. All expenses relating to ads placement will be on Red Line studio
at full. The specialists of marketing department of Brahe Design studio will
take care about reaching the stable profit of the store not less than
$30.000 each month. You will be paid 5% of this sum so it is guaranteed that
your income will be not less than $1500 monthly.

The position af Assistant Director doesn't require any special skills. You
should just be in touch with your personal manager and follow his/her
instructions. If you don't know how to do all this your personal manager
will explain you all actions step-by-step. You always can ask a question and
will be provided by the detailed instructions.

All work can be done on-line (Internet access is necessary requirement) so
you don't need to spent a lot of time. It is needed just 3-4 hours a week
and it is enough, so it is possible to combine
it with your direct work.

Please, take most seriously to this project and inform me about what do you
think about this offer as soon as you can and feel free for asking you
questions. I'm always glad to provide you with detailed information. If you
wish to join us please let me know and I will send you the Contractor
Contact 1st Class Recruitment
We welcome your feedback and questions regarding our company, services and web site.

• Email: jobs@1stclassrecruitment.org

• Phone / Fax: +46-08-369-80-781

• Address: Gjorwellsgatan 28, 112 60 Stockholm, Sweden


»1stclassrecruitment.org/contact. ··· tact.php

Same template format as several previous ones, including: therecruiternetwork.org »therecruiternetwork.org webrecruit.org »webrecruit.org

Cloaked 08/26/09 domain registration:

Domain ID:D156963983-LROR
Created On:26-Aug-2009 20:06:37 UTC
Last Updated On:26-Oct-2009 03:53:43 UTC
Expiration Date:26-Aug-2010 20:06:37 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Melbourne IT, Ltd. dba Internet Names Worldwide (R52-LROR)
Registrant ID:C125130853280358
Registrant Name:Andrea Anderson
Registrant Organization:Private Registration US
Registrant Street1:PO Box 61359
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Sunnyvale
Registrant State/Province:CA
Registrant Postal Code:94088
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5105952002
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:


Hosted on a familiar and repeatedly used IP / Host.

IP Address:
IP Location: - Virginia - Herndon - Network Solutions Llc
Response Code:200
Domain Status:Registered And Active Website

The recruitinlg letter's reference to "Our client is the Swedish company Red Line web studio" is an established ruse theme and so is the long term ruse of being based in Sweden.