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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA
reply to KoolMoe

Re: Amazing

said by KoolMoe:

*Completely* agree,
"The network...will be scalable to symmetrical 1Gbps and provide open access to competitors"
Just like roads. Have the local/state gov'ts provide the infrastructure and allow open access to any company that wants to provide services over it.

Despite naysayers who believe gov't can't do anything right (which certainly has some roots in truth), it would solve SO many issues and actually allow for true innovation and customer choice/service.
Isnt that communism if you dont let big corps exploit thier positions, hold back the entire country to the stone age, so they can make even more billions?
‘Do ye, quieting in your bosoms your strong hearts,
Who of many good things have had your fill even to surfeit,
With what is moderate nourish your mighty desire; for neither will
We yield, nor shall you have all else as you wish.’