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Fine for them but for here do you really want Dubya having control of the information that comes in & goes out of your homes? Where in the US Constitution is the provision for Internet or communication to be supplied by the government?

IMO, this issue isn't far from religion. Keep the government(s) out for obvious reasons - distribution of power rather than centralization. Also you all know they'll leak money like Dick Cheney on a power trip. I guess you figure it'll be someone else's money, after all most people won't even use it very much.

If you think its such a great idea, then put up your own money for the idea. If you think it's highly risky, put someone else's money up. I know why you pick the latter. The government is going to create a drug free society, with no terrorists, tame the New World Order, and give us Internet! It'll all be peachy keen.

Alternatively, you can have some patience and let technology and private companies bring it to you, with little to no public financial risk.


Moline, IL
So where do you "go" with 100mps?? Your only as fast as the slowest link so how many web sites or wherever you go are going to allow you 100mps. No matter how much speed you have its never enough...people always want more...for what?? I was in the Telecom business for 30yrs...its never enough...for maybe 1% of total users.