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Ringwood, NJ

[Scam] Urgent Help

Please respond to this message as quicky as possible. My mother just bought an air purifier on a website which was »

My mom pretty much got convinced in buying this product by this video

because that was recommended.

As she called up the number on the contact page there was 2 numbers the 24/7 number and a wholesale order which was opened 9-5 pst but they were both (866) 630.1055.

The funny thing is that when she called up she heard the same exact guy from that youtube video, and she thought it was kind of a coincidence. He told her that he needed her credit card, and he will set up a paypal? Then email the receipt, and the other information. He did send the paypal receipt though.

After she ordered it, I got concerned and started googling a couple of things. Just in case.

Ed Begley had a couple of those air purifiers on his show living with ED, so I decided to start searching with that.

I then found a site which seemed farmilar, like almost exactly. Which is » It looked a lot more professional then the other website, and if you looked at the products page their purifiers were different names.

When I went to their contact information they had two different numbers for their wholesale (818.698.2088), and also their 24/7 order line (800.473.1805). They also had a different address.

I called up their 24/7 hour number, and ask them if that other site was legitimate. The girl that was working there wasn't sure, so she basically gave me no answer. And told me to call the customer service line, but she didn't know the number to it. I then just ended the call.

My mom just recently called up her credit card company, and she was going to cancel it because he knew all of her credit card information. They told her to wait another 3-5 days for that product to come, and if it doesn't come she will not have to pay for it.

Overall, I wanted to know if this was legitimate I don't understand why the other website that was a lot more profession didn't give me an answer about if this other site was a scam. She told me to call customer service, but she didn't even know the number of it. I'm guessing it was the wholesale number? I'm just saying that if this website was a scam, and wasn't legitimate- What should we do? I really don't want other people to fall into this.


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Brandon, FL

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looks like the first site is a copy of the second site. image files have the same file names, not hotlinked tho. IMO i'd cancel the card and find another provider since they thought she should WAIT for the scammer to clean her out.

reply to Littlefalls
Some other sites that are the same content (i.e. contain "up to 9 separate state-of-the-art air filtration"): (owned by the same person as yet he has a completely different address on WHOIS) (private WHOIS) (account suspended)

Those are necessarily the same exact products though. What I'd do is wait and see if the product is delivered and charged. Watch the card carefully (though most banks watch the card very carefully anyway and will likely notify you before you even notice anything suspicious if it does come to that).

Otherwise, if you're really uneasy, call the company back and cancel the order. They should be willing to work with you if they are legit. If not, do a chargeback or call your bank and anger the seller.

It does appear legit that Ed Beagley did indeed buy one of the models (he has it as a 'best seller' on his site).

Their site ( also links directly to Paypal if you order through their site. I personally would not have given my information over the phone as it just adds one more variable to the process (who is to say the representative you spoke to is 100% trustworthy?). I'd have paid directly through Paypal so it's easier to dispute if something went wrong and if the company was fraud, Paypal would shut them down at the first sign of suspicion.

The other site ( does their orders through I have not heard of them but the private WHOIS doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling. If I were you and felt uneasy, I'd just call the company first and attempt to cancel the order. If they don't abide by it, give a bit of time to see if you actually get the order or file a dispute with Paypal and/or your bank.

The one thing I absolutely don't like about is there are no Terms of Service and ordering information (i.e. when will my order ship, how do I order, those types of questions). While it's sort of intuitive and all handled by Paypal, they should still mention to their customers how transactions are handled, security of the site, general questions like that. It kind of seems a bit shady to me.

That said, the IonicBreeze from Sharper Image is really great. I had bad allergies and with the combination of medicine, allergy shots, and the air purifier, it really did a good job cleaning the air. While it's pricey, I still say it's worth it
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Ringwood, NJ

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reply to Littlefalls
Well, it arrived from fedex, and it's actually in working order. It was kind of unusual how that site had it posted as an "Airpod 9000" when Fedex gave out the characteristics in email that it was a Newport 9000.

Even though this experience was weird... It actually works great. The air just smells... soo good lol. The sensor actually also works- It detects odor, dust, ect. I sprayed some cologn on it, it picked up the scent, and enliminated it.

pcdebb- responding to your pm- He did collect her credit card, and registered paypal for her. Even though this order came through, i'm happy that she listened to me, and cancelled her card anyway.

btw the order was already processed, so it wasn't like she could just cancel the order. The credit card company (I'm not sure which one) told her that if she doesn't recieve the package to call up, and they'll get her money back.

xmrocks thanks for the input. My mom isn't necessarily tech savvy haha- I don't even think she knows that sites have terms of services. but i'm happy and surprised that everything came, and everything is working.

Thanks for the responses though, seriously. Even though it was a false alarm, you did take time out of your day to try to help me. I appreciate it. lol

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Fort Wayne, IN
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reply to Littlefalls
There are a number of outfits that import a particular product under a variety of names and model titles, then market each version somewhat differently, often through slightly different shell companies. Some are legitimate, some are fly-by-night. The factories that make these items will typically build the same product in a giant production run and apply different labels and packaging, either for different clients or for one client using a multiple-product-name approach. There are a variety of possible explanations as to why a company will take a multi-product-name approach, some legitimate, some not.

edited to add: two of the most common places you might run across examples of this multi-name practice is at a closeout store (like Big Lots, etc) where several differently-named but identical items share shelf space... and in the fine print of certain product-recall notices where multiple 'brand' names for the same recall item are clustered together.

Some advice: keep your eye on the credit card statements over coming months. Hopefully, there won't be any sudden surprises there, but you'll want to remain sure...
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