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Montreal, QC

Primus DSL Connection sucks

So I have a great deal with them. $60 tax incl. for an unlimited download 5meg DSL line PLUS a telephone land line (not VOIP) with all the major features you would want on a phone. The contract is for one year.

They originally put me on some sort of bell / primus shared 3meg line that was horrible so I pushed them to put me on a 5 meg primus line. it took a while to get done. Primus said bell was taking forever to get to my work order.

However even with the 5 meg profile it' seems the network is super saturated. Long pings and too many hops. Primus said Bell was having major network problems and that by the end of Jan.2008 the surfing speeds might be more stable.

I can get fast 480K download and 80K upload speeds its just not consistent. So I'm willing to wait a month until these two companies (Bell / Primus) sort out their issues.

Anyone else having connection issues in the montreal area?


North York, ON
Having the same type of problems in toronto area. Poor, inconsistent speeds.

reply to moonstarr
I have the same problems with Primus Canada in the Gatineau region.


Windsor, ON
reply to moonstarr
Same in Windsor. I work from home and during day I measure 2.8-3.2Mbps download, at night it's down to 110kbps my wife can't connect to SMTP mail server without complaining of the slow server. Primus has promised me resolution by end of January too. I also am waiting for a promised $50.00 credit that was promised after I complained 6 times.

Mr Ching
reply to moonstarr
Primus flyers looks and sounds great. I am looking at switching from Bell to Primus. But by the sound of you guys, I better hold on and not switch DSL service as of yet. What you guys think?