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Northwood, OH

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Free vs pay

The problem is that everyone expects perfect protection for free and that just doesn't happen. These people are in business. They need to make money off their products. Free is fine for a little protection. But you don't need any virus protection if you just use a little common computing sense. But unfortunately it isn't as common as common would imply. Most people are just ignorant of their usage habbits. They treat them the same as their sexual habits. No wonder why there are so many STDs for computers these days. Using sheep skin instead of latex it would seem.
William Ruckman

West Tenness
said by wruckman:

The problem is that everyone expects perfect protection for free and that just doesn't happen.
No shit. What's with this welfare attitude? People spend hundreds if not over $1000 on a computer and are too cheap to spend $40 or $50 for protection?

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I've used pay and free ones. To be honest, there's so little between them apart from promotion.

The two big guys advertise and promote their products big time. It's costly. They also distribute through stores .. costly, and they maintain a well published web library of threats. These are things you don't get from freebies.

I use one of the lesser "big guys" ... CA and am now on their 3rd incarnation. Originally free, it started charging, then changed to eTrust EZ Antivirus. I liked it because it had a small footprint, but with eTrust, it grew to be significant... not as polluting to my system as Norton or McAfee, but not what it was. Then they added it to a suite and it started on the trip to just being bloatware. Then they changed to CA Security Suite when it headed to real annoying bloatware with imposing overlay windows. The AV itself has a small footprint, but started interfering with email programs. I'll dump it as soon as my current subscription dies.

I don't see a lot of difference between the freebies and the pay ones. Why spend $40 or $50 + annual charges for bloatware and a huge operating footprint when you can get the same kind of protection for free?

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to wruckman
Why do folks "expect" free antivirus protection? Simple enough, and not incorrect...Why do folks expect free Internet Browsers? because they keep giving them away, of course!

So it is with Antivirus protection. When you can get a totally free Antivirus product, that is as effective as one that costs $49.95...and further, continues to cost for "new subscriptions/updates", then why would folks pay for what is available for free?
...something is happening here but you don't know what it is...do you, Mr. Jones?


Davis, CA
Windows explorer a virus? Kaspersky sounds really damn accurate to me!

(I kid, I kid!)