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Cat god

Riverside, NJ
reply to tcp1

Re: Sometimes I wonder why we even use AV products

Well I do think some people need AV software. For example the guy who came to me for help because his machine wasn't working after he installed an AV program. The reason it stopped working was because nearly every file on his system was infected with multiple virii. One of the virii changed the Windows registry so that it ran the virii any time an .exe or .com file was executed. The AV program wiped the virus which basically made the computer unusable.

I asked the guy how he managed to get so many virii on his machine and he said he downloads pirated software from bitTorrent and other file sharing networks. This is a person who needed a AV program (though installed it to late).

For the average user, they most likely would never need a AV program. I think of AV programs like buying insurance. Chances are you'll never use it, but it's nice to know it's there. Of course with AV programs, if they don't work then you're not really insured are you.

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