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Lompoc, CA

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Who really needs AV software??? It's shown to not work...

I have to agree most probs come from the false sense of safety people have simply because they installed some "Security Suite" and they pay a fee to use it every year or since the addition of a "firewall" to XP.

My experience has shown one HUGE hole in a system's security is simple...and that is HTML format email. All email programs should by default be configured to show email in text only formatting and not show images by default. Users need to be forced to learn to understand how email works and how to spot questionable emails. Plus I imagine simple text based email is easier for many people to understand. There are still zillions of folks who have never used a wordprocessor and are overwhelmed by software that is too feature rich.

Secondly people need to use a proper HOSTS file and keep it updated. I get updates from a couple sources out there that I can trust. This is one ability that needs to be built into Windows and has not received the attention it really should as this is a place to add significant protection to both system integrity and privacy. I suspect because one can block ad-sites here MS is not too excited to promoted the ability. Would the internet collapse if everyone started blocking all tracking/ad services out there? Would MS remove the ability? OK, that is a whole different topic...back on point...

Then lock down their router & pc's firewall (not that joke called Windows Firewall).

Though most email services are now much better about prescanning email, until folks ween off HTML email most virus infections will still and continue to originate here. When we all used to write letters just how often did you need to write in 40pt red Helvetica or whatever? Plain text is fine for 99% of emails a person will ever send or receive.

Overall the AV situation simply proves the adage that "...stoopid peepholes should never be allowed to breed..." or run with jello cubes or be allowed to create OS's with over one-BILLION lines of code.

The article points out a problem that has been developing over the past 10-years. Big corporations have swallowed up the good small software companies or developers. This leads to little innovation and slow reaction to rapidly evolving tactics. All in the name of the all mighty quarterly report. The heck with actually protecting systems. And never ever actually edu-ma-cate your customers as they will stop being customers if they actually learn enough to see you no longer provide any value for the cash.

I personally I have not used any AV software in about 7-years now. I got very tired of the idea of spending a lot of cash every year to "protect" my systems from virus probs. If I was running an -ix variant OS there would have never been an issue. But I am lazy and well try getting drivers for come OS options so I started reading more and figured out how to use the pretty decent security built into XP. Plus I wanted to see if I could get by OK w/o AV software. I do cringe whenever the girlfriend uses one of my systems as she is not exactly as paranoid as I would like...but give me time, a few more years and I'll get her to that point...

I view all email in text only format, use a locked down HOSTS file, solid router, enable every sort of SPAM filtering I can on my email server, run spyware/ad-ware scans on a regular basis, and I try and be smart about what sites I visit as well as the software I download. And I d/l lots of software to try out.

One thing I do still do is run with full admin rights for my account. It gets old having to change ID's for system stuff. I know I shouldn't but, eh, I am a lazy guy.

Last they need to keep their OS's updated. That goes for all OS's...they all have holes. In some cases the biggest hole might be the person running the company but still one needs to keep everything up to date...enable auto-updating.

I even use an off-the-shelf router that while it can be cracked if someone really tries is pretty solid and well setup out of the box. I would like to upgrade to a business/industrial grade router someday but that kilo-buck price point is a tad more then I care to spend.

Lately I have been fiddling with all my web browsing being done from within a VPC session...it's interesting to me just how effective VPC's will be for combating virus issues, especially Zombie system infections. Until the virus/hijack writers develop methods to break out of the VPC session.

Some days I am tempted to go back to using QNX and be done with it all...loved that OS at one time. Or run Windows inside a VPC running Solaris or some flavor of Linux/Unix...it could happen as we get stuff like dual quad-core systems.

sorry for the long post...oops!!


Buffalo, NY

So then you agree the best security you can have is Common Sense.


Lompoc, CA

absolutely...common sense...strange concept, huh?

People forget that once upon a time it was common sense that was considered a survival trait...now when one exhibits common sense it's frowned upon as disruptive by the AmeriCorps and EuroCorps. I mean aren't we all supposed to pony up $100's monthly just to be able to turn on our equipment? (no Viagra does not count!!) But $50/year here, $35/yr there, $20/yr over there and $5/month for this, $2/episode for that...it is money dumped right into that "pay someone else to tell me what I want and need..." bit bucket.