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Mcallen, TX

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usb thumbdrive LaunchU3 error help

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I have having problems with my thumb drive that I got. I get this message when I click on "CD drive N:U3 system" I have a sandisk Cruzer " » ··· 2069828" exactly like that one on the bestbuy webpage, It's 2gb. I have changed the drive letter but it doesn't work so does anyone know what can be wrong? I do have network drives but I disconnected them and still doesn't work. I have gone to the trouble shooting and that doesn't help very much. And I am the admin. Please help thanks.

The error message says: windows has allocated a drive letter to the U3 drive that is already taken by another drive on your machine or there are no more available drive letters on this machine. Try disconnecting any network drives that you have connected to your computer and restart U3 by double-clicking LaunchU3.exe or the U3 CD-Rom icon. Once the U3 launchpad is running you can reconnect the network drives. If you do not have administrative privileges that allow you to disconnect network drives, contact the system admin.
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San Luis Obispo, CA
I'm going to assume you haven't used up all your drive letters. Try assigning letters higher in the alphabet, like S, T, or U. One of the problems with U3 is that is creates two drives: the virtual CD-ROM (which enables the auto run features) and the USB drive. Have you reassigned both?

Just a quick question. Do you really need the U3? There is an uninstall utility that will remove it. You can create an auto run file for the USB drive and install a menu utility (if you need one) that will replace the U3 nonsense. Of course, you won't be able to use software that utilizes U3 but there is no shortage of software that doesn't need it.
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