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Las Vegas, NV

JoiPhone - The most corrupt VOIP Provider in the US!

Hawk Communications LLC dba JoiPhone is a corrupt VOIP company who has committed the following illegal acts against me:

Breach of Contract: I never received the phones or my money back as provided under the TOS, even after receiving confirmation that my account was canceled.

Unjust Enrichment: In addition to taking the money I paid for their service, which I never received, they have repetitively charged my credit card 4 times so far in the amount of 200.00 each time with no explanation. All requests for explanation of these charges have been ignored. I have received nothing of value from this company, yet they have stolen over $1,200 of my money.

Fraud: They have engaged in false advertisement and misleading sales pitches, including the use of the word "Unlimited" when referring to their VOIP phone service, which, in reality, is severely limited. There is very vague verbiage in their Terms of Service that says using the phone more than 5 times the "average" residential line is considered "abuse of the system." Basically, if you use the phone more than they want you to, despite the lines being advertised as UNLIMITED, they can charge you fees, and/or discontinue your service, while keeping all of the money you prepaid. There are reports of very limited amounts of usage resulting in this type of activity. For example, one customer received a threat of cancellation after using the phone for 500 minutes over the course of 15 days - does that sound like UNLIMITED to you? They also advertise a 30 day no risk guarantee, yet they do not even deliver the equipment required to initiate the service within 30 days, thereby ensuring that if you wait for the equipment, you have no recourse under the 30 day guarantee. Also, if you do cancel, as I did, within the 30 day period without ever having received equipment or using the service, they do not return your money.

Embezzlement: I entrusted them with access to my credit card account and after they confirmed my account cancellation, they charged my credit card four additional times so far with absolutely no justification. I do not have a service with them, so any justification based on a "Terms of Service" policy is unjust.

This company fails to meet their obligations, outright lies to its prospective customers, and engages in fraudulent activity.

It is also worth noting that Hawk Communications dba JoiInternet was found guilty of many of these practices in Atlanta GA, including false advertising, breach of contract, and limited access. There was a settlement involved, and the company suddenly folded, leaving many customers without service that they prepaid for.

Several companies that were subsidiaries of Hawk Communications have folded unexpectedly. The reason this matters is because almost all of the deals JoiPhone offers involve prepayment for 12-24 months of service. Personally, I find it highly unlikely that JoiPhone will be around long enough to fulfill these contracts, and based on their current behavior and the actions of former Hawk Communications companies, I have a feeling many JoiPhone customers will soon be out a great deal of money and have no service.

If you do take the risk of signing up with this company, I URGE you to sign up for a monthly plan with no prepayment and give it 6 months or so to ensure the service is worth continuing.

If you want to see more info on this corrupt company, check out the BBB info on Hawk Communications LLC, Joi Internet, and JoiPhone. All of them have unsatisfactory ratings with the BBB.