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Las Vegas, NV

Another thread about JoiPhone's vague "abuse policies"


This one is an interesting read. It starts out very positive, then you see the truth about JoiPhone start to come out. It seems that if you actually try to USE your UNLIMITED residential service, you receive threatening abuse warnings, frequently resulting in blocked lines.

Someone from the company says this only happens to a fraction of a percent of customers, but based on the many, many places I am finding stories about this activity, it is far more common than they want us to believe...

The common theme here is deceptive and fraudulent advertising. The couldn't make the UNLIMITED part of their sales pitch any bigger than they already do, but you can not get a cut and dry policy on what constitutes "abuse" no matter how hard you try.

The fact is they are engaging in false advertising, and someone needs to stop them, just like they stoped their last company who did the exact same thing...