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Riverside, CA

But why would they?

If a provider would just sell me a barebones IP connection, for a significant savings off of the traditional e-mail-web-host-portal-crap-security-software monster that has become commonplace, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But why would they?

As a user, I'm paying for a full-fat cable connection, and not using my ISP's e-mail, web hosting, portal, security, or any of that crap. So, it costs them less to serve me than joe6pack@charter.net. Services I don't use == ISP profit. Why, oh why, would they want to pass these savings on to me?

Phelan, CA

Site Rules Violated and Content Unworthy

This is ridiculous.

It goes against what this site is supposed to stand for, and it promotes the very same.

Why promote the services that are cited in the Spam FAQ as not being acceptable on this site?

Just posting an article about it promotes it.

This site is for broadband news, not car sales, or the plight of baby seals (no matter how inhuman and horrible that is).

I really don't understand this being posted as news on the front page, or any page, for that matter.
Some people think they gain through dishonest means, never realizing that in lying, cheating, and other dishonesty, they are losing pieces of themselves, which they can never recover. SPECIAL