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Their getting desprite

Hurting farmers? Pressuring ISP'S to use content filtering? Crying like babies because they have control issues?

1- They charge too much for the crap the make/label.
2-P2P has increased profits but not got them every dime.
3-Individuals that produce their own material the big labels don't control seem to upset them.
4-Laws in various countries don't support/get enforced the way the big labels want.
5-Media brainwashing not working like it used to.

Their are reaching for straws by bringing the farmers into their lost fight. They say popcorn sales get reduced. May bee sales increase? More people buy it so they can have it watching shows in the comfort of their own home. I know I have. I know many others that have as well.
P2P has given me a way to preview many games, movies and apps. I have gone out to buy them in support of the product when I like it. I would never have purchased them otherwise.
When "free to download" video's or music are made and released that the big labels don't have control over, gets more attention that their releases, or they feel they loose potential money, they use that for their crying arguments. They say they loose money but in reality, if they had good releases to compete, the crying would stop.
For them, it's all about money and control and not what people want. They release crap, market the hell out of it, and hope it makes money. Just look at the sad ratio of good quality vs crap hype we see today.
Many countries police forces are just too small and busy with violent crimes to be burdened with or bot herd with trying to catch P2P users.Unless someone is turned in for downloading, burning and selling copyrighted material, no one bothers them. This is why the pressure on ISP's to filter-throttle service.
All in all, the new digital pirates are here to stay and they are gaining ground. All the brainwashing ways that could be control ed and hidden are now exposed and people are fighting back. We live in a very competitive world and the big labels ways of the past don't work here.
We have a very informative web system that breaks the control that used to be in effect and it is the new way of the world. If the big labels want to be around to be a part of it they need to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. If they come up with a way to use the web to their advantage, their would be a drop in the large number of pi raters and their poor me crying would stop.
They waste millions on anti-piracy crap and it has only gotten worse.