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Peoria, IL
reply to IGGY

Re: No change has taken place

said by IGGY:

My internet IP is still dhcp.insightbb.com. And the software running the DVR cable box doesn't look anything like what I've seen in previous related Comcast forum postings. You would have thought that switching the cable boxes over and the network IP's would have been something that would have been done right out the gate.

Everyone will be confused as to owns their business if branding changes etc aren't apparent. Nothing new for the common way of doing business. Not a very well thought out transition. There is a big difference between changes are coming gradual and seeing no sign at all of an ownership transition.
We've known about this transition for about a year now. You'd think that would be enough time to plan for a smooth transition. Oh well, I'm not sweating it. I'm not in any hurry to fall under the Comcast cash cow. I'm not in any hurry to hear about my neighbors approaching the invisible caps or having bit torrent usage being messed with by Sandvine. The only thing I would like to see is more HD channels (even though I haven't bought one yet). I'd also like to see a better DVR and get rid of the crappy software Insight uses.