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Steve Mehs
Gun Control Is Using A Steady Hand
reply to ShadezeRO

Re: Where are the money complaints?

Right now Verizon has two residential tiers, Granny and 2003. Granny DSL, 768Kb and 2003 DSL, 3Mb. I called it 2003 DSL because 3Mb was the speed of Road Runner back in 2003, it's now 2008. Here TW has three speed tiers, some franchises have 4. Cheaper, well you get what you pay for, breaking the price down, DSL is MUCH more expensive. I pay ~$3.33/megabit per sec per month. Granny DSL is $20/month for less than 1Mb. My cable service has been nothing short of reliable, three outages in five years, two of them on my end (crushed cable replaced the next day, lawn mower sliced cable, TW was out here two hours after it happened) and one ten minute outage at 1 in the morning a few years ago for system maintenance.
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