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Bloomsburg, PA

PTD vs Other Providers

Much like opinions expressed on other subjects, What few comments I see are mostly negative about ptd. However the lack of posts in this forum, vs PTD's customer base /other providers demonstrates just how quality and reliable PTD is.

SECV being a family owned company, and the first cable provider, teaming up with PTD, which has an excellent track record and strong backbone is what has kept me as a customer for almost 4 years now. And I also had their dial-up in the 90's when AOL was just becoming popular. Even back then my speeds and reliability compared to other Dial-up ISP's far exceeded my expectations.

Macungie, PA

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Almost swallowed my tongue laughing.
Of course you "could" be right, or, more likely the majority of PTDs users simply don't know any better? they've little or no competition out here, so people have nothing to gauge them by. I however have been fortunate enough to have traveled far and wide, and PTD/SETV simply is not a great service!
They have just this week, fixed an issue that has caused me to have dial up speeds for the last year! I now get speed that almost meets what I'm paying for! even when tested against the servers they suggest!
The upload speed is miserly.
They may well be a family owned company(arnt they trying to sell?) and they have been the first cable company, but unfortunately the world does not revolve around sentiment, I wish it did sometimes but it don't!
Eventually the free market will find PA and when it does, customers with long memories will remember just how badly they were treated by PTD.

Sorry, I should be so general, I refer to SETV who I assume look after "my" network, I'll give PTD the benefit for now,lol


I am new here, but I do believe that PTD would not do as well if there were "real" providers in the area. Lately their dymanically assigned IP's are all over the RBL's and their tech support is inefficient or non-existent.
Although I have signal, that's where the professionalism stops. I do believe that the end user is not truly aware of the the lack of service PTD provides. But they sure do enforce their policies!!!!